What Payment Options Do You Accept?
We use Pay Pal & Shopify payments to process all of our payments. This allows you a multitude of payment options and keeps your payment information secure as we never have access to your personal payment information.

Can I Get A Refund If The Price Has Changed Since I Ordered It?
We are unable to honor any promotions for orders placed outside of the promotional time frame as this would be unfair to the rest of our customers. We’re so sorry for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

Do You Accept Returns?
We are unable to accept returns for our products. All of our sales are final and our products sold as is. No refunds or exchanges! We want you to be happy with your item, so please take an extra few minutes and use our extremely detailed zoom feature available on all of our product pages to ensure the item fits your needs. We also suggest you look over the brands sizing guide for each item you plan on purchasing.

Will I Be Charged International Bank Fees?
When placing an order, unless you choose the currency selector the final total you see during checkout is in USD. Once your bank pulls the funds, they will account for the current exchange rate. Your bank may or may not charge additional fees for international transactions. Please reach out to your bank for more information on any additional fees.

Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax?
You only have to pay sales tax if you are located in the state of Nevada.

How Long After I Pay Will It Take For My Item To Ship?
Generally we like to shoot for a 24 hour time period to get your item packaged and out the door. Of course, we don't control actually shipping times but the faster we can get your item out the door the faster it can arrive to your location.
How Long Will It Take For My Item To Arrive?
USPS first class shipping in the Continental U.S. take 2-7 business days. USPS priority mail is generally anywhere from 2-3 days. International orders usually take 1-3 weeks to arrive depending on the destination and customs processing. The tracking for international orders can be inconsistent once the package leaves the US, but rest assured the order is still on its way.

Problems With Checkout: Shipping Address
If you receive an error message on the Shipping Address page, please check the address that you entered for typos, misspellings, or abbreviations. Also check for unnecessary spaces in the address fields: We validate the entered shipping address against postal software that does not recognize spaces at the end of the address line. Helpful Hint: Go to www.USPS.com and click on Find Zip Codes. You can enter the first line of your street address, city, and state, and USPS will return the standard zip code and correct entry of your city, state, zip combination.

What Are Your Shipping Charges?
How does FREE sound? Well, to be clear. All United States domestic packages from Fight Junkie Footwear ship free.

How Much Is International Shipping Charges?
International shipping charges vary depending on the weight of the item and the destination.To view International shipping charges simply add your products to cart and choose the appropriate shipping option for your location. 

Will My Package Be Charged Customs Fees?
Orders are subject to customs and duty fees as defined by the country of import. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information on whether you may or may not be charged customs/duty fees. Duties will be determined by the country of import upon arrival of your order based off product value. These fees are not included in your order or shipping total.

Will You Email Me When My Item Ships?
Yes, our items will come with a tracking number and that will be sent to your email associated with the order when your item ships. For this reason it is very important to ensure you are using a valid email address for any orders you place with us.
My Item Hasn't Arrived Yet, What Do I do?
Please make sure you are familiar with your products estimated shipping times as most of the time this will answer your question(s) for you. In the rare instance where a package doesn't arrive in the allowed shipping time, simply contact us and let us know. There are a multitude of reasons a package could be delayed but we always want to hear from you and will look into the matter straight away.

Can I Change The Email Address Associated With My Order?
Yes! Provided you have an account with us all you need to do is log into your account and update your email address. If you don't have an account with us you will need to contact our customer care team with your order number, original email address, and the updated email address so that we may make the changes for you. Once your email address has been updated, we can resend your order confirmation and/or shipping confirmation emails to the updated address.

I Don't Have An Account. How Can I View My Order Status?
You must be logged into an account when placing your order to be able to view the status of your order. Not to worry though! All order updates, including confirmation and shipping emails, will be sent to the email address used to place to the order.

Do I Have To Create An Account To Shop With You?
An account is not required in order to shop from our site but we do recommend that you create an account, as it makes it easy to check on the status of an order and gives you access to your full order history. You can also save your shipping information for a quicker checkout experience.

How Do I Create Or Change My Password?
If you're an existing customer, you can easily create or change your password by visiting My Account and clicking on "Password." If you're a new shopper, create a new account or choose to create a password at the end of your first order.

What if I Forget My Password?
No problem! Click Forgot Your Password? and follow the instructions.

How Do I Create A Strong Password?
Here are some tips: Use a different password from what you would use on other websites. Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Longer passwords tend to be stronger. Passwords are case sensitive. For instance, "SUMMER123" and "summer123" are different. Remember to check that your CAPS LOCK is not turned on. Try to avoid passwords that are easy to guess, like "secret", "password" or your last name and sequential numbers, such as "jones111." Though not a requirement, adding special characters will make it even stronger. For example, "Grammar!2*%" is much stronger than "grammar2."

How Can I Change, Correct, Or Update The Information On My Account?
To change your information on file (e.g., name, bill-to address), go to My Account, then select the category of information you wish to change.

What Happens If An Item I Want Is Out Of Stock?
Order quicker next time! In all seriousness, as we said before, our items sell out quickly so when you see something you like order it to ensure you get it before it sells out.

How Do I know What Size To Order?
While we list the actual size of the product in our description, we always suggest you check that brands specific sizing chart to ensure you are getting a proper fit.

Do You Run Promotions?
Occasionally Fight Junkie offers promotions through e-mails and advertisements. As a registered member of Fight Junkie you may be eligible from time to time to receive e-mail promotions and offers that include special codes for special promotions.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?
Yes, currently we are accepting applications for our affiliate program.

Do I Need To Be A Business To Qualify For The Affiliate Program?
No, you don't need to be a registered business to be approved for our affiliate program. However, it is important to note that we do require all approved accounts to place their W9 on file with us.

Will I have To Pay Taxes On My Affiliate Income?
Fight Junkie Footwear will only send out 1099's to affiliate partners that have earned $600.00 or more during the taxable year. Any additional tax advice should be sought after from a licensed CPA in your jurisdiction.

Do I Have To Pay To Be A Fight Junkie Footwear Affiliate?
No, you don't have to pay anything to join our affiliate program. In fact, we pay you when customers use your unique identifier to purchase our products.

Do I Need My Own Website To Qualify For The Affiliate Program?
No, you don't have to have your own website to join our program. As long as you are active in the social media sphere you are more than welcome to apply for our affiliate program.

Do I Need A Certain Amount Of Followers On Social Media To Qualify For The Affiliate Program?
The more the merrier! With that said, we have no follower requirements to join our program. All we ask is that you put in your best effort to consistently send your followers to our site for their footwear 

How Much Can I Make Being A Fight Junkie Footwear Affiliate?
The sky is the limit. We offer all of our approved affiliates a flat 10% commission on every single sale they bring to us. If you are a hustler, the amount you can earn with our affiliate program is only limited by your determination. 

Can I earn Less Than 10% Commission Rates Depending On The Purchase Price & Category?
No, there is no floating scale here. Our 10% commission rate is a flat rate regardless of price or category. A $5.00 or $500.00 sale is treated exactly the same with a 10% commission paid to our team members.

How Is The 10% Commission Rate Calculated?
The 10% commission is paid on the purchase price minus any discounts, sales tax or shipping. For example, if your follower comes to our site and places an order for $20.00 with a $2.00 discount code with zero tax and free shipping their total would be $18.00 and your payout would be $1.80. Adding in sales tax or shipping will not increase your final payout as these are not profit generating charges.

When Do I Get Credit For A Sale?
As soon as payment is received your account will be update to approved status for that particular sale. 

When Do I Get Paid?

We have a reasonable $50.00 payment threshold for our affiliate partners. Provided you have supplied all of the required information for your affiliate account, once you reach $50.00 you will receive a payout from us. 

How Do I Get Paid?
We use Pay Pal to issue all of our payments to our affiliate team members. Please make sure during your registration that you provide a current Pay Pal email address as this will be the email address used to send your payment.

How Long Are Your Tracking Cookies Enabled?
We ditched the tired trend of "tracking links" as we felt it was totally unfair to our affiliate partners that were working tirelessly to drive their audience to our store.

Why Don't You Like Tracking Links?
The biggest reason we decided against using them for our affiliate program was the limitations based on time. If your follower came to us and bought products after your cookie had expired you would not receive any credit for the sale. We didn't feel that was fair so we ditched the idea all together.

If You Don't Use Tracking Links How Do You Track Affiliate Sales?
We use unique discount codes that are attached to your affiliate account. This not only eliminates the expiring cookies issue but also gives a big advantage to our affiliate partners as they are able to offer their user base a discount code for shopping with us!

Do I need To Direct My Audience To Certain Products Or Pages?
Nope! This is another big benefit to using the discount code, it's entirely up to you how you want to promote our store. If you are doing a video on a specific product we have for sale maybe you want to direct them to that exact product. On the flip side, maybe you are just speaking generally about shoes and you want to send them to the home page where they can choose from the many different categories we have available. Basically, as long as you are getting them to the website, they use your code during checkout, you are good to go and will get credit for the sale.   

Is There A Way For Me To Track My Sales History & Payouts?

We make tracking your sales & payments very easy by providing our affiliates with their own portal. Once you create and log into your Fight Junkie Footwear affiliate portal, you can easily find all of your sales history as well as your payouts and update your account information as well. Please make sure to fill out all of the required information so there is no delay in getting you paid!

How Much Does The Customer Save With Our Unique Discount Codes?
Currently we are offering a 10% off discount code to our affiliates to pass along to their audience for future shopping with us.

Are There Any Restrictions On Use For The Discount Code?
To make it even easier to promote our products we have removed any restrictions on use for your unique 10% discount code. That means any price, any category and even clearance items are fair game for your audience.

Can Customers Use The Same Discount Code More Than Once?
Yes, as long as it's a separate purchase they can use your unique discount code each and every time they shop with us.

Does The Discount Code Expire?
As long as your affiliate account is in good standing there shouldn't be a need to swap out your discount code. Should you ever need to use another code, we will notify you ahead of time and give you the new discount code at that time.

Do I only Get Credit For First Time Customers?
Nope! We know a lot of other companies out there pull this trick on affiliates to limit their ability to earn money while they obtain the customer. We don't play games like that and each and every time a customer uses your discount code you are going to get credit for their purchase. It doesn't matter if it's their 1st purchase or their 100th purchase, if they used your unique code you get credit for the sale.

Can I use My Own Discount Code To Purchase From You?
No. Using your own discount code is not permitted under the terms of service for the affiliate program. We feel we have created a fair program for all of us involved. You get a fair commission rate with a solid product to promote, we get the additional revenue and the customer gets a discounted purchase price. Please play by the rules and don't try to skirt our limited restrictions for the program.

How Soon Can I Start Making Money?
As soon as somebody uses your unique discount code! The more you promote our site with your 10% off discount code the higher the chances you will start earning commissions. 

Where Should I Promote Your Site?
The obvious answer is social media. Now social media comes in many different forms from sites like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to more intimate settings like Discord. Of course there are streaming services like Twitch and the behemoth YouTube. As long as you are following the TOS for the sites you are advertising on, we suggest you use all of the tools at your disposal.

How Do I Promote Your Site?
We think the store speaks for itself. We only sell name brand new & used footwear and are giving your audience the opportunity to purchase our products at a 10% discount. If that wasn't enough of an incentive, we also offer FREE shipping on all of our products!

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